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Penny's transformation


Penny started attending bootcamps with Coach Anna Kate at the beginning of 2022 and continued on her weight loss journey by completing the Spring Shred under the coaching of our Team Dietitian, Becky! 

Over the 12-week program, Penny lost 13.8 lbs. (8.7% bodyweight) and 14.5" (-5’ waist, -5” hips, -3” thigh, -1.5” arm) But she didn't stop there! Since the end of the Spring Shred, Penny has lost another 10.8 lbs. and 4.5" (-1.5” waist, -2” hips, -1” thigh) and is currently giving it her all on our 8-week Holiday Shred to work toward maintaining her weight and getting strong! 

"It has been 40 years of being overweight. Nothing I had tried worked. Plus, I had to start taking some medicines. I wanted to learn to eat right and be healthy. ... In the last 12 weeks, I have paid close attention to nutrition. My Dietitian Becky was very caring and helped a lot. And my fitness trainer Anna Kate always knew where I was at and guided me where I needed to go. Because of this program and my hard work, I have developed a new, heathier way to live.”

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