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"I have been working out with Anna Kate for 5-6 years. When I first met with her, I was not in good shape and could not lose any weight - even though I had tried just about everything out there. The fad diets, the '5 minutes a day' and 'we promise you will lose weight' programs, etc. As women, we are told that once menopause sets in we are doomed to gain weight or, as one male acquaintance of mine so eloquently described his wife, as being in the middle of a woman’s mid-life spread. Starting pre-menopause around the age of 42, I contributed my weight gain and inability to lose weight to this reasoning. I am now 51 and in better shape than I have been in years!! With Anna Kate’s guidance, I have learned better eating habits, and that it is not about completely restricting your diet. . . . I still go up and down in my weight, but I have control over it now and am much more educated about macros, how they work, and how I can make them work for ME. 


I had some injuries, both old and new, while working out with Anna Kate, and she has helped me to work around those with alternative exercises and suggestions for stretches at home. I truly believe that Anna Kate can help anyone who is willing to work her program and follow it. She is dedicated to her clients and their well-being. I can’t thank her enough for all that she does." 

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