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NASM PN-1 Nutritionist Certified Personal Trainer Competition Prep Coach

Meet Anna Kate

Anna Kate has been a certified personal trainer through ACE/NASM since March of 2015 and a certified nutritionist through PN1 since 2017. Her passion is helping people add value to their lives by improving their health, losing weight, and gaining strength/confidence. With both in-person and online training options, she wants to help women and families live their best lives. Anna Kate is a national-level bikini competitor and loves living an active lifestyle full of lifting, hiking, sports of all kinds, and traveling.

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ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

Meet Sallie Morgan

Specializing in digital design and creative communications, Sallie brings more than 15 years of professional writing, design, marketing, and sales expertise to the fitness world. She's a word wizard who's passionate about all things creative, but she's also had a lifelong love affair with dance that provided her an unmatched opportunity to travel through much of Western Europe and South America while pursuing and teaching her passions. She holds two bachelor’s degrees in both Journalism and Design from Colorado State University, has been a certified dance and fitness instructor most of her life, and is currently pursuing her Personal Trainer Certification through ACE Fitness. owns a meal prep business local to Wichita Kansas called Macro Academy which provides macro friendly home cooked meals! 

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MS, CDN Registered Dietitian 

Meet Becky Garce

Becky is a New York City-based Registered Dietitian. She received her Master of Science degree in Nutrition from Tufts University in Boston in 2015 and has worked as a Registered Dietitian for the past 6 years. She specializes in weight management, eating disorders, and food allergies/intolerances. Her nutrition philosophy involves variety, balance, and moderation when it comes to eating and health. With Anna Kate Fitness, Becky hopes to support and empower others to implement lifestyle changes to improve their health, wellness, and happiness!


ACE Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Sonya Schneiter

Sonya is 50, Director of Clinical Informatics at an Orthopedic practice, and the mother of two boys, now grown men. Sonya played sports but never understood the real value of exercise. “I was always required to eat everything on my plate. Although I was active, I was not healthy. At the age of 45 I looked at myself and realized my existence represented a life of unhealthy choices, resulting in a self-imposed prison. The journey began! Today the journey continues. From 412 lbs to 205 lbs, it never has been about the number on the scale. It is about the life I have gained through lifestyle choices. Seek knowledge, allow others to lift you. Never give up!”

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