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Alexi and her husband Andrew started with Anna Kate at the beginning of 2022 to improve their nutrition and drop some weight. In the spring time, they both transitioned into our popular 12-week Shred program and have continue to work on their nutrition with Anna Kate, but also added on our online workout program with Coach Sara!


Alexi has dropped 15 lbs, and Andrew has dropped 11 lbs! The photos above are within a 12-week period from their first Shred program with us.


These two have hustled in the gym and have made amazing results with Coach Sara’s professional guidance. Over the past 11 months Alexi has improved on the following lifts:


Hip thrust: 

   Aug-180lbs → Nov-250lbs

Leg press:  

   June-270lbs → Nov-500lbs 

Machine glute kickback: 

   July-65lbs → Nov-150lbs 

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